Vacuum Brazing

Vacuum brazing is a clean, efficient and precise way of joining two base materials together using a suitable filler material.


Vacuum brazed joints exhibit high strength that can often exceed that of the base materials. One of the keys to success in brazing lies in the design of the part. Our engineers and technicians are on hand to offer advice on simple and effective joint designs that eliminate the need for complicated and problematic fixtures and jigs, ensuring a high rate of success with brazed assemblies.


  • The low oxygen environment in vacuum means the braze area is free of oxides that could act as a barrier to the process, and parts leave the furnace clean.
  • Lack of convection in vacuum means that with careful placement of the parts within the furnace, heat is distributed evenly leading to minimal distortion and movement, ideal for high precision assemblies.
  • A simple and economical way to join complex assemblies with many brazed joints.
  • Vacuum furnaces are a programmable, stable environment, so processes are repeatable and produce consistent results.
  • Braze cycles can be combined with other heat treatment processes such as hardening or annealing, saving time and cost.
  • Brazing allows the joining of dissimilar materials.

Example Usage

Vacuum brazing of stainless-steel components used in the food processing industry.

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